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Guiding principles, shared worldwide

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Our Values

Ten ways to success

We always look for new ways to better relationships between people and brands. Across the network, our values guide, push and inspire us to keep doing just that.

  1. Be a radiator,
    not a drainer

    Enthusiasm is contagious, it galvanizes teams and provides
    the spark that will inspire great work.

  2. Bounce back

    As Nelson Mandela said “the greatest glory in living lies
    not in never failing but in rising every time we fall.”

  3. Make the work better

    Confront fear and always offer braver
    creative choices to clients.

  4. Be loved by clients

    We are nothing without our clients. Total client
    satisfaction is at the heart of our success.

  5. Do the right thing

    Do the right thing, the respectful thing, the just thing,
    especially when it's the hard thing.

  6. Possess a healthy paranoia

    You're never deep enough into the customer, educated
    enough on your clients' business, expert enough in the tools
    of your trade or far enough ahead of the competition to rest.

  7. Think we, not me

    Our collective success is the surest path
    to your individual success.

  8. Be a hand raiser,
    not a finger pointer

    When something needs fixing, dive in, take ownership
    and do what you said you're going to do.

  9. Always close

    Don't give in until you have sold the best solution possible.

  10. Present well

    Whether it's a one on one briefing or a presentation
    to a hundred, convey your ideas with confidence.

Our Leadership

Unlocking the power of data & creativity

  • chris thomas

    Chris Thomas



  • mike doods

    Mike Dodds

    Managing Director


  • jennifer doherty

    Jennifer Dougherty

    Director of New Business


  • richard fraser

    Richard Fraser

    Managing Director

    Asia, Middle East & Africa

  • reza ghaem

    Reza Ghaem-Maghami

    Global Chief Strategy Officer


  • chris howaston

    Chris Howatson


    CHE Proximity

  • nick orsman

    Nick Orsman

    International Head of Data & Analytics


  • nick williams

    Nick Williams

    Managing Director, Multinational Clients


  • doug worple

    Doug Worple


    Barefoot Proximity


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