I think it's time for a change...

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Audi Spain

Audi Spain and Proximity BCN present "The doll that chose to drive", a short, animated film that challenges gendered toy stereotypes.

audi poster

The Challenge

A social campaign has been launched by Audi Spain and Proximity Barcelona for the Christmas season, whose aim is to remove gender discrimination from driving and toys.  Now is the time when shopping centres reinforce the divide between boys' and girls' toys, segregating their floor space into pink and blue aisles.  Dolls, toy cookers and ponies stay on one side and cars, action figures and construction sets on the other.  As well as reinforcing gender stereotypes, differentiation in this way affects the freedom of boys and girls to develop certain skills, and channels their interests and vocations.  The advertising industry has been contributing to the divide for years, through the codes they use to advertise toys. 

The Solution

The centrepiece of this initiative is a short, animated 3D film called "The doll that chose to drive", starring a brave doll who decides to cross the chasm to reach to the toy cars and break with convention by driving an R8 for the first time.  The story is also a metaphor for the gender stereotyping that still exists in the driving world, which starts in childhood with the mistaken belief that toy cars are only for boys. 

The Results

In just 3 days, the short film has reached more than one million views on social media. 

More results coming soon...