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Eye's Don't Lie

The Challenge

According to a survey by the OCU (Spanish consumer organisation group), 6 out of 10 people think that mechanics tell lies. A belief worsened by the recession, which has increased the general public’s mistrust of auto repair garages.

This creates a problem for Midas, an independent chain specialising in vehicle repair, as it casts doubt upon the reliability of their maintenance services and leads drivers to prefer official dealerships that inspire more trust, or make their choice solely on the basis of price, due to a lack of differentiation from our competitors.

The Solution

A universal insight does exist. If you want to tell whether a person is lying or not, you usually ask them to “look me in the eye”, and this was our starting point. We wanted our mechanics to tell the truth looking into our customers’ eyes, but how could we prove that what they are saying is the truth and not just another advertising campaign?

At http://losojosquenomienten.com/en/ (the eyes don´t lie) 20 Midas mechanics volunteered to face the best lie detector in the world. To face the challenge, we brought the “Eyedetect” machine, the most advanced lie detection system based on pupil analysis technology and already used by  government institutions in the USA, all the way from Utah (USA) to Europe for the very first time. This visual polygraph works on the basis that when we tell a lie, subtle changes are produced in the way our eyes behave, perceptible only to the machine.


We decided to focus on facing our main problem – credibility; rather than turning a blind eye. Not just our product or our brand’s credibility, but that of the group of professionals who were most clearly becoming a target of mistrust: mechanics.

During the campaign, we subjected a wide range of Midas mechanics from all over Spain to a lie detector test. The aim was to scientifically prove that the truths that have made up the brand’s core from its very outset: innovation, quality and above all trust in the maintenance services we offer customers, are an unbiased and reliable reality at all our garages.

The Results

Over the course of the promotion, we received a huge number of tweets with truths to prove  challenging politicians and athletes and many influencers to take the challenge where the machine was installed. “Spanish politicians” was the top subject of choice. We invited them to take part. None got back to us.

After the campaign, customer confidence in Midas grew by 28.6%, 34 points ahead of our competitors. One month later we HONESTLY went from 4th to 1st position as the favourite car repair service, overtaking official dealerships.