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ME Bank Life & Loan

The big banks often tell us how much we can borrow, not how much we should borrow – leaving buyers with a massive mortgage and not much else. To change this, we created Life&Loan – a mortgage calculator that helps you find a home loan to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

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The Problem

The ratio of housing debt to income has skyrocketed 449% since the 1970s – that’s approximately $1.9 trillion – a situation worrying many economists predicting an ‘American-style’ housing crisis.

But how did this happen?

Google trends data showed us that over 55,000 Australians search “mortgage calculator” every month. But those calculators fail to include all the necessary variables..

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The Solution

By putting the buyer first, we could liberate them from the stress associated with home loans and mortgage repayments.

So with data at its core, we dramatically expanded the idea of what a ‘calculator’ offers and transformed this simple mathematical tool into a far more complex decision making engine that also takes into consideration your lifestyle and interests.

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Our Approach

Unlike regular mortgage calculators, which are based on two over-simplified data points – your income and expenses – Life&Loan is based on both of those, but also takes into account over 50,000 disparate data points.

We capture lifestyle data by asking users to select their preferred suburb, and four things they’d like in it.

Then using the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ backend data, we match users’ income and expenses with thousands of their data points to pre-calculate both lifestyle expenses such as dining out, and household expenses such as insurance.

Finally, we use the Google Places and Domain Real Estate’s API to curate real-time personalised suburb recommendations, complete with suburb highlights – all within their budget.

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The Customer Reaction

Consideration of a ME Bank home loan increased by 34% with a 10% increase in the likelihood of using ME Bank as lender.

Consideration of a loan with the Big 4 dropped by 8% after using the app, and the perception of a home loan with ME Bank as “simple and easy” increased by 11%.

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Project Outcomes


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It’s the Australian dream to own a home – and ME Bank was created to help us do it. Established in 1994, ME Bank began as a humble financial lender. But today they are much, much more. Their products include a suite of different bank accounts, home and personal loans, credits cards and insurance. Despite not having any physical branches, ME Bank has built trust and loyalty, and become one of the nation’s most popular online banks. They were awarded Australia’s best bank in 2016.